The Music of the Mosque (Istanbul 2006)

The smoke
the mosques
and the seagull flight

The tumult
of the music

of the Mosque
after the sunset

the spikes of towers
piercing the skies
of Istanbul

The heavy sounds
of prayer
and Turkish songs
from passing ferries

the cluster buildings
rising through the hills

the seagulls’ watch
over the sea

The ships are docked
nobody will go nowhere

We sit out here
to await the end of prayer

The hills are singing
and the seagulls praying

and the young Turks
smoke the Nargile
and rest

with their faces
that look like our faces
their voice
sounds like our voice

they are not
they are doctors
musicians and accountants
and pushy carpet salesmen
at the Bazaar

They have a face
so like our own
that betrays not
the rot
of History

Behind these mountains
was a land
my kin did
call their own
and I have seen
the skulls
set on a speer
for all to see

The skies are calm
the darkness coming
the Mosque awaits
but not for me


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