Infographic Poetry

The result of mixing up the words from a poem in my new collection entitled “The invention of mythology”

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Wordle: A poem about Hera, the wife of Zeus


The Beauty of disaster (A poem written on September 11th, 2001)

Europa nach dem Regen II, 1940-42
(Europe after the rain) Max Ernst

The beauty of disaster
Blue and Grey
after de red

A plane who crashed
and an island sank

Where there was sand
There´s fire red skin
Ablaze unbodied

Europe could survive the rain
America has conquered in vain

One man who suffers
equals a million

Children ignore
the flag they raise

The Beauty of Disaster
One tower died
Her sister follows her

The heart of War
no longer
has 5 sides

One side is crooked
the rest are ashamed

The President said
The reds are over
Muslims are headed for harsh days

Now when all that you need is
We´re gonna go after all your friends

Eve said safe Havens are over

One man´s hatred
is stronger than bombers

So hard to do
away with the hatred

So hard to raise
our head again

They say we are atomic children
but our hearts still
may beat the same

UDUMBARA Poetry collection (August 2012)

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In Buddhist mythology, the Udumbara flower was said to bloom only once every 3,000 years, and thus came to symbolize events of rare occurrence. 

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