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I will grow beauty
without end

like a good gardener

and if it don´t come out
and ends up dying
withering inside
before my blossoms flower

then let beauty be swallowed

let it be

it´s better
to breed beauty
even for vultures` prey
than to breed nothing at all

it´s better
to always keep
a beautiful garden

Hope is a flower
waiting to be plucked

The Love is not the plucking
The Love is in the Hope


Inside the shine

You trade bitter
for honey
You trade winter
for Spring

This swell of bitterness
rise though I may
it never turns to hope
and so I’m blessed

This sadness
is the opposite of love

If my sadness is dark
then love is light

and I haven’t seen a thing
in a long time

This sadness isn’t love
I’m not in love
with tragic you
or tragic me
I do not dream to swim
in tragedy

I can’t be soft like you
and mellow deep
I’m tough
and I survive
I thrive
when all things die
and no one is my friend

I bloom when love is gone
and I find beauty
beneath the vilest stone

I can see things
you can’t dream of
Your tragedies
your myths of old
they make me yawn

I am the future
and my name is tomorrow
I can be anything
as long as it’s away from you
my kryptonite

you melt with the first
ray of sun
and I am light