Lament for Saint Cecilia Poem set to music by composer Paul Stanhope


Gondwana Chorale, conducted by Paul Holley St Johns College, Cambridge
January 2013

Music by Paul Stanhope (Australia)
Lyrics by Veronica Pamoukaghlian

Saint Cecilia
You hurt me, hurt me
hurt me so

You brought me life
and took it all
left me
a beggar
without an instrument

You made me love
ivory slums
and giant midgets too
with their ant bands

You dazzled with your heavenness
your piano milk
the honeyed silk
of melodies
and yet dreamed of

You lured and charmed
and cast your spells
as pagan as the Celts
and the Olympian bards

You sang from church
but led me into hell

and now I burn
and long not for escape


Naked weather (Montevideo, March 3rd, 2013)

naked weatherIt´s naked weather
and I´m wearing clothes
because you are
not here
for you I save
my best
of nakedness
my nuclear flesh
the immaterial
the aura
that surrounds me
and only you
can see and taste
my grapefruit Zest
my beauty´s truth
this magnifice
we build together
the thing I am
in you
the thing you are
in me
through all the seasons






Epiphyte (Montevideo, Dec 6th, 2012)


My love is in the air
like the roots of orquídea

like orchids to survive
in canopy

grow rising roots that fly
and stay aloof
and feed from Luft

So we shall be

Ourlove will feed from Luft
and Luz
and anything
we can lay our souls on

I too
am in the air
when my godlove is there

and we shall thrive
in any environment

our roots shall fly
or reach
the center of the Earth
we´ll feed from land
from dreams
from steam
from rain
and rainbow strings
from anything
and Everything

we´ll bloom
and our lovebeams
will shine

through every Universe


I will grow beauty
without end

like a good gardener

and if it don´t come out
and ends up dying
withering inside
before my blossoms flower

then let beauty be swallowed

let it be

it´s better
to breed beauty
even for vultures` prey
than to breed nothing at all

it´s better
to always keep
a beautiful garden

Hope is a flower
waiting to be plucked

The Love is not the plucking
The Love is in the Hope

Way of the world

Things happen
just like that

One moment we are dead
one moment we´re alive

I´m not afraid of you
not anymore

my cloud has lifted
you can come back

I have become
much harder to destroy

bright-colored beads
pearls, glitter, diamond rings

will not impress me
none of your magic tricks

I am a woman now
not a big girl

no prey nor slave
to love or tragedy

I am just me
and it´s more than enough

(Montevideo, October 4th, 2012)

Inside the shine

You trade bitter
for honey
You trade winter
for Spring

This swell of bitterness
rise though I may
it never turns to hope
and so I’m blessed

This sadness
is the opposite of love

If my sadness is dark
then love is light

and I haven’t seen a thing
in a long time

This sadness isn’t love
I’m not in love
with tragic you
or tragic me
I do not dream to swim
in tragedy

I can’t be soft like you
and mellow deep
I’m tough
and I survive
I thrive
when all things die
and no one is my friend

I bloom when love is gone
and I find beauty
beneath the vilest stone

I can see things
you can’t dream of
Your tragedies
your myths of old
they make me yawn

I am the future
and my name is tomorrow
I can be anything
as long as it’s away from you
my kryptonite

you melt with the first
ray of sun
and I am light

The tempest

It was a perfect day
for spooning
your soul with mine

(Montevideo, Sept. 19th, 2012)